Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

In this competitive world those who are pioneers in business, the chemical industry is an undeniable field of activity.
Thus, from the beginning of our establishment we have been working in this field and have gained lots of valuable experiences in trading chemical goods.
Our activity and trading includes all aspects of chemical industries such as raw chemical materials, final chemical products, and chemical devices.
Our team in ENTG has mostly been working on polyurethanes, polyamides, PM-200, and different kinds of resins and adhesives. It is our honor to claim that ENTG is among the large importers of pure urethane, polyurethane, and some products made of polyurethane from Europe to the middle east.
Another aspect of our trade allocates to resins. Our role as a trader is to identify the destinations in need of different kinds of resins such as Epoxy, Polyol, Acrylic Vinyl, and etc.
On the other hand, we are looking for the most reliable suppliers which can provide the desired quantity of resins for those destinations and link them together. In this way ENTG has a close relationship with large chemical companies in the world mostly Europe and the USA to expand its field of career.
Trading chemical goods can be charming for business owners in terms of economic benefits. So, ENTG aims to expand its field of activity in other aspects particularly in modern technology and modern materials which are determining in the near future such as graphene.
Graphene can be known as the most significant material in the near future which has numerous applications in different industries. Thus, we are willing to have cooperation with innovative companies that are active in this field.
Although these are our fields of activity during recent years, we welcome all other opportunities in the chemical industry that are available and we can pursue our progression there.


Food Industry

One of the most significant fields of our trade is food industry. Food industry has wide range of aspects and due to its daily usage, it has great potential for trading among entrepreneurs.

Cellulose Industry

ENTG due to its mission has been active in one of the critical industries of all time, cellulose. As it is obvious, cellulose contains a vast area from plastic bins to different kinds of papers and wall papers.

Metal Industry

Over recent years we have been trading in metal industries in different aspects. Our activities can vary from metal sheets to different pumps and Machines.t kinds …