Future vision

Our vision for the future of our company is to participate in making and trading the most vastly used goods in industries like chemical, food, and metal. In the near future our company aims to expand its activity via e-commerce and opens new fields with innovative and green technology in these industries.

Company’s mission

Our mission has been the same from the beginning. We are always eager to provide high-quality services and goods for our customers; in this way we use customer-oriented shipping with the best possible prices in order to prove that the most significant moto of our company is customer satisfaction.


Our company was established in 2011 with an initial investment of one million dollars in Istanbul, Turkey.
ENTG (Erdem Novel Trading Group) is a global trading company that has been active in various aspects mainly chemical, food, metal, and cellulose industries. Over these years we have intended to provide high-quality services to our worldwide customers.
Our services can be mostly described as a supplier; supplier of materials, devices, and products.
At ENTG our activities can be defined into four categories; Chemical, food, metal, and cellulose industry. We are determined to provide high-quality services to our customers around the world. Our main role in today’s competitive business world is to supply goods at the right time, with the best price and with high quality.
In fact, this is our motto in our company which has been proven by our trusted customers during nearly ten years of trading experience. If you would like to trade in the middle east and transport your products to any locations around the world from East Asia to South America, you can trust us and assure that your goods will be delivered at the most appropriate time.
It is worth knowing that our annual turnover was $10 million in 2019 which we expect that at least it will have been double by the end of 2020. Additionally, due to our long experience from dried fruits in the food industry, vastly used chemical materials like Polyamides and different kinds of pumps and machines in metal industries to inks and papers in cellulose industry, our team at ENTG can claim that we can handle all kinds of trading globally without major issues.